Top Tech Buyouts [Infographic]

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Did you know that big tech companies like Google or Facebook acquire promising start-ups not only to get their ideas and products, but also to take over the brilliant people that created them. For example, Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift allowed them to hire John Cormack, a pioneer in 3D game programming. In 1996 Apple paid a ridiculous $429 million for NeXT mainly to get Steve Jobs back on board.

Strategic acquisitions can make or break the company. Sometimes, it can change the world.

Google acquired Android for a ‘mere’ $50 million. We all now know how much that acquisition has changed the world of mobile technology. However, Google’s acquisition of Motorola for a whopping $12.5 billion was a disaster.

Apple’s purchase of NeXT (by far its biggest purchase), brought back Steve Jobs at the helm of Apple who built a business that revolutionized the tech industry.

In 2005, Rupert Murdoch, a veteran media mogul bet on social media’s future and bought MySpace for a whopping $580 million. Years later, Murdoch would sell MySpace for $35 million – merely 6% of its acquisition price.

David Adelman and Alex Hillsberg at has come up with a fascinating Infographic revealing some interesting aspects on the tech world’s biggest acquisitions.

The Infographic lists the most significant acquisitions in the tech industry and is compiled along with the reasons behind these acquisitions and the consequences to the companies that made them. Interestingly, the big tech companies are categorised as Google (The Big Spender), Facebook (The Entrepreneurial Buyer), Apple (The Small and Secret Buyer) and Microsoft (The Confused Buyer).

Infographic: Top Acquisitions of The Biggest Tech Companies

Infographic: Top Acquisitions of The Biggest Tech Companies
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