Top Ten Things to do while Traveling on Dubai Metro

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?Zap? and you reach your destination.

Travelling in a metro is fast, easy and less time consuming, unless you have to undergo the hassles of changing buses, jumping into the abra, flagging down a taxi and then reaching your office half an hour late while your boss waits at the door, ready to pounce on you.

Well you can?t avoid all that. But here are some tips to make use of your time effectively while travelling in the metro:

1. Grooming Time: Comb your hair, adjust your makeup, cut, file and buff your nails, apply perfume, put on your accessories / jewelries etc?This is the best time to groom yourself especially if you had just ran out of your house shabbily (with your grooming equipments?of course).

2.? Be a Photographer: Remember to take your camera and shoot. You can capture lovely scenic pictures of Dubai?and its great landmarks or even ?Inside the Metro? pictures. And wants more? you can just send these pictures as postcards back home or even enter any Photo Competition easily.

3. A Friend in Need is Friend Indeed: There might be many people who travel for work / study at the same time as you. So make friends and as Dubai is a huge pot of cultures and tradition, you can make a lot of friends and may be learn new languages, their traditions etc.

4. Statistics: Those who don?t like to socialize and remain silent; the best option is to do some statistics study. Just count the female, male, working, non working passengers traveling with you and you can count the number of buildings, cars or perhaps the UAE?s 2nd National Bird i.e. Cranes. Your calculation might help some research or statistics centre.

5. Play Classified Games: Just make sure you run out the house with the Classifieds Section of the newspaper in your hand. You could use your time to solve crosswords, sudoku, puzzles, riddles and also compete with your friends travelling with you etc..

6. Study: This is especially for students. Use your time to revise and review your study materials and if with a partner, play ?Question and Answer? session to make it more perfect. It really helps.

7. Exercise: Now we are not suggesting doing Jumping Jacks. ?Just plain simple sitting exercise like breathing exercise, neck rotation, feet and wrist rotation is more than enough.

8. Social Networking: This is the best time to read your emails, facebook, twitter, myspace messages and updates on mobile / laptop and avoid doing this during work hours.

9. Music: Though many people already follow this, try to hear some soothing and relaxing music so that you are mentally fresh before you enter into the ?D? Zone ? Office.

10. Final Option: If all the above doesn?t seem to work for you, the only option is to SLEEP. After all sleeping is good for health and would at least give you some sort of mental relaxation…but just remember to wake up at your stop or at least inform your partner / co-passenger to do so !

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