Top things to do before buying a car

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By Christopher Milbourne, a writer at

Are you looking to be a used car, it can be a daunting task but not to worry here are some things you’ll need to note in order to not get ripped off.

For example I stumbled across a 2002 Jaguar XJ8 for only 14,000 DHS online and I thought that was a great deal I have to go check it out. So I did, everything looked good, the interior was clean, the engine sounded great and ran perfectly. I was about to head inside to negotiate until I noticed something strange around the door handle on the passenger side. Odd looking paint surrounded the handle, the colour matched it just looked weird and it was on all the handles. I asked the seller and he confessed that the door handles had all fallen off at the same time! My advice would be to check every individual detail possible.

How Much?

Obviously you want to negotiate with the seller to get the best deal possible for the vehicle but the sale price is just one of the fees, ask the seller what other payments there are to pay and how much they are such as registration, insurance, testing etc. Make sure all loans are paid off as well, you don’t want to be bogged down with them.


Upon viewing the car, circle the car a few times (you may look weird but it helps) and have a good look at the body work for any dings, scratches, paint issues and other defects, if any are found that the seller hasn’t notified you about, notify them, the price may drop. Make sure to check the tyres to see their condition, if they are badly worn they’ll need to be replaced by you or the seller.

Test Drive

Test driving the vehicle gives you an idea of how the car performs engine wise, handling, brakes and gives you chance to listen for any problems, it’s a great way to find any faults which may go unnoticed. This is a great opportunity to make sure everything works the way they should such as brake lights, window wipers etc.


When looking around the car have a good look at the paint and ask the seller if the paint is all original, any new paint added may be hiding some damage the seller doesn’t want you to see.


Ask the seller if their is any warranty left over from the dealer, this will vary from brand to brand and how old the vehicle is.

Service History

If the used vehicle you plan on purchasing doesn’t come with any service history whatever its a huge risk, the vehicle could be a write-off meaning it was in a severe accident damaging the vehicle greatly or it could be flood damaged. If the vehicle has service history but not from the dealer that is a good sign, you can check how often the owner serviced the vehicle, when it last went in for a check up and if it’s been in an accident or not. Full service history from the official dealer are words you really want to see, this means the automobile has been serviced and maintained by certified mechanics of the dealer. All records will be kept on the dealer’s database so you can have a look through yourself if you’re struggling with the handwriting.


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