Toyota set to unveil sedan hybrid cars in Tokyo Motorshow

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toyota hybrid sedan
2012 Toyota Camry Mid-size Hybrid Sedans on display. Photo -

Toyota Motor Corp, world?s largest car making company, is gearing up to unveil its hydrogen fueled sedan car at Tokyo Motor Show which will be held early next month.

Prius, Toyota’s hybrid vehicle, has been the best selling car in the last few years. The carmaker is now planning to introduce six new FCV-R concept?models?by the end of 2015.?Toyota officials said in a statement: ?The FCV-R is a partial sedan type next generation fuel cell concept vehicle and comes under hydrogen segment.? Apart from this hybrid fuelled sedan car, Toyota will also introduce its Aqua compact hybrid car, a plug version of its earlier Prius and the FT-EV III electric car.

However, the Japan based company is planning to sale its Aqua hybrid by this December and the Prius by next year.?The new hydrogen-fueled Sedan Hybrid car comes with a sizeable trunk design and seats four people comfortably. The fuel cell stack has the power of 70 MP high pressure hydrogen tracks by which the FCV-R can cruise a distance of approximately 435 kilometres.

The new Toyota sedan hybrid car is mid-sized with adequate luggage space. The design of the car is far more modern and attractive.

Industry analysts are also keeping an eye on upcoming hydrogen fuelled hybrid cars. Nissan Motor Co. is also coming up with three electric vehicles which are Pivo3, ESFLOW sports car and Townpod compact.?Nissan?s CEO, Charlos Ghosn said: ?Carmakers are planning to launch four electric models by 2016 and also will introduce plug-in hybrid in 2015. The company aims to sell around 1.5 million zero emission vehicles.”

Toyota Motors is already facing huge recall losses during this year. The company had to recall 1.7 million cars in many countries due to faulty reasons during the month of February.

The Japanese carmaker is also facing continuous losses due to free repairs it has to make during the recall of faulty cars, which is also having an impact on its sales.

However, Toyota is confident their new hybrid car can cover up all the losses it faced earlier this year. By 2012, the company will also come out with Toyota Camry Hybrid which the company claims will be the best hybrid car in 2012.

Some industry analysts suggest a season of hybrid cars is rolling over in coming years. Companies like Honda, Toyota and Nissan are going to introduce their hybrid cars at Tokyo Motor Show. However, they also point out that hybrids are heavier than their fossil fuel counterparts due to bulky batteries.

Matt More, author of Study Today said: ?Hybrids, on average, are 10 percent heavier than standard ones. This extra mass gives them the advantage in crashes than their conventional twins.?

However, experts believe that cars running on hybrid electric source can cause accidents because they are very quiet while running. So companies are now adding a device into the hybrid car so that their near silent vehicles can become more noticeable.?The Nissan Leaf Electric car has a sound which alerts pedestrians walking around.

Tokyo Motor Show opens on 2 December and will feature 15 Japanese car brands and 25 foreign car brands.

Source: Bloomberg, Hybridcars

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