Travel Smart, Plan Ahead

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Travel light and make the most of your holidays. Photo-Earl

It is the holiday season again and travel business is booming. The number of hits for online queries related to travel packages, sight-seeing tours and other arrangements are on the up as tourists are becoming smart. Businesses in travel and hospitality industry have done well to recover from the slump by luring smart travelers through heavy discounts for advance bookings.

Long gone are the days when travelers would rely solely on travel agents to take care of all their holiday needs. Internet and social media has played the role of a game changer in travel and hospitality industry. The way travelers plan their holidays has undergone a paradigm shift as travelers can now access all relevant information on their own and also find great deals on the internet.

According to Saj Ahmad, a UK-based airline analyst, “certainly those from the northern hemisphere will venture southwards to warmer climes, especially as the Christmas getaway commences. The most obvious choices for European travelers are to head towards the likes of the UAE and Oman, two big tourism centers, as well as Asia and Australia. In a similar fashion, many from the United States may well venture to parts of Latin America or Australasia too.”

Due to increasing demand, Asian destinations like Malaysia and Thailand are expected to cost a lot more during the holiday season. Therefore, travelers are forced to find a mix between price and climate. At the same time, they also need to plan ahead to ensure availability of flights on key dates and booking of their preferred hotels. Several online sites also offer great discount deals to travelers, who book well in advance for the holiday season.

Some travelers like to combine Christmas holidays with their annual break from work around New Year period. Travelers who take a full two-week vacation are more likely to spend time with family and friends, rather than head to destinations which involve excursions and sightseeing.

Are you planning to travel during your Christmas holidays? Why not share your tips, tricks and experience with us!

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