Tweetping : Lighting up your screen

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Global Tweeters Visual Map
Global Tweeters Visual Map. Image- Tweetping

Innovation and creativity in cyberspace just keeps getting better and better. French web designer, Franck Ernwein’s brilliantly beautiful real time global twitter activity visualization map, Tweetping, allows one to keep a tab on global twitter activity. It appears as a bright star like pixel at the location of every tweet in the world, starting as soon as you open the page.

The brilliant interactive visualization monitors each of the posts as it happens on Twitter which appears as bright spots of light ,on the map of the Earth.

Tweetping is a simple to analyse interactive visualization, that gives a great amount of information including selection of tweets along with latest hashtags and mentions, tracking down total tweets, words and characters. Under the maps, Tweetping shows data by continent which is also summarized by a pie chart.

Needless to say, Tweetping is a digital work of art. What starts off as a nighttime satellite shot, glows and lights up as Twitter activity progresses.

Right now as we are visualizing Tweetping realtime  on Arabian Gazette , it’s a  race between Asia and North America, with Asia in the lead by  28,000 tweets!


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