Twitter’s New Look: Hit or Miss?

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For all you tweeps out there, there is something in store for you. To the Android and iPhone users, look carefully at your twitter page, you may just find a difference, or you may find the similarities between Twitter and Facebook.

The new look has been officially unveiled by twitter making the interface a lot easy, fun and entertaining user experience. The new features include a discovery tab, which lets you tap into your search results based on personal interests. ?The other three navigation tabs are?Home, Connect and Me, attached with a brand new tweet button.

The ‘Me’ tab gives an expanded view of your profile and you can view tweets directed to you and your list of favourites and followers along with your photos. The connect tab is where you get the ability to track who has ?retweeted? or ?favourited? your tweets. The home remains as it was before, with a neater layout making it easy to read.

The placing of these have been made in column form, making it similar to facebook.? There is a column on the side with a box which allows you to post your tweet. The basic advantage of the new look is you can get to see everything at a glance, without stressing yourself too much. The official business pages of twitter have been upgraded as well, as firms can now control the tweets and get to know the latest buzz.

The interface has been redesigned with the hope that people both old and new will find using twitter an easy and hooking experience.

Co-founder and chairman Jack Dorsey explained Twitter interface redesign is aimed at both expert users who know the shortcuts, as well as newbies who are looking to master the social media tool. Satya Patel, senior executive at Twitter, said: ?It?s not just a visual redesign but a conceptual redesign to make Twitter more accessible to the next billion users.?

The design will be rolled out soon in the coming weeks for everybody to experience. Do give personal feedback of your experience about the new look to guys at twitter.

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