UAE gets approval for camel milk exports to EU

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Al-Nassma-Camel-Caravan chocolate
Featured- Al Nassma company’s Camel Caravan chocolate. UAE will soon become the first Middle East country to export its camel dairy products to Europe.

After obtaining the EU licence, the UAE will soon become the first Middle East country to export its camel dairy products to Europe.

The Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) has confirmed that the breakthrough was achieved after five years of intense negotiations. During this period, several rounds of inspections were made by EU Commission delegates, while guidelines of MOEW and Dubai Municipality were also strictly applied.

According to Mutasher Awad Al Badry, deputy general manager at EICMP, “camel milk is, without a doubt, one of the best dairy products in the world because of its exceptional health and nutritional value. The EU Commission’s approval for the export of Camelicious products is a stamp of approval to the quality standards of the UAE in general, and to our company in particular”. The EICMP produces well-known camel milk brand Camelicious and the Al Nassma chocolate bar. Currently, EICMP is the largest camel milk farm and factory in the world, boasting a herd of around 3,000 camels.

With research pointing out several benefits of camel milk consumption, its global demand has increased considerably in recent years. With annual sales growing at an average rate of 15 to 20 percent, demand has fast outpaced production in the region. As a result, active steps are being taken to boost the production of camel milk in the Gulf region and tap the international market. Camel milk can be used in several areas, including medicine, beauty products and specialized foods.

Last year, the company was confident of obtaining the licence after which it had planned to make necessary logistics arrangements for European launch in 2013. Company sources reveal that huge demand for camel milk dairy products exists in Malaysia, Australia and Africa as well. Initially, it plans to export camel milk and flavored drinks products, after which opportunities in beauty and food sectors will also be explored.


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