UAE banks relax debtors? repayment

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Banks in the UAE are now being forced to relax debt repayment plans in a bid to recoup outstanding loans from debtors who have left the country. Lenders are now accepting realistic payment plans and using threats of jail less frequently for debtors still residing in the country.

?The banks are more approachable to the payment plans that they were not approachable for in 2009-2010″, said Radha Stirling, the founder and author of Detained in Dubai.

?At first?.they [banks] thought that these people that took out mortgages had cash that they could obtain from family who could support them and pay out the mortgage.”

?I think maybe over the last couple of years they?ve come to the discovery that when they say they can?t pay it out, they really can?t. Banks have now realized that they don?t really have a legal avenue to chase them overseas so now they?re being a bit more open to negotiation,? she added.

UAE lenders, unable to recoup their losses from debtors abroad, are becoming more open to negotiation, said Stirling. ?I?m still seeing a lot of negotiations that are going on with people who have left Dubai and have returned to England or Europe who are negotiating payment plans with the banks and trying to arrange things amicably,? she said.

According to a recent survey (conducted by a web portal), eighty percent of UAE?s residents have outstanding debts and claim to be having threatening calls from the police and banks over their loans.

Source: Arabian Business

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