UAE consumes more energy in the Arab world

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The UAE recorded the highest growth in energy consumption in the Arab world and is mainly attributed to rapid population rise and a steady expansion in non-hydrocarbon sectors. The demand for oil and other hydrocarbon products grew by about 2.14 per cent in the year 2010.

Saudi Arabia remained on the top, with a demand of around three million ebpd.

The UAE emerged as the second largest consumer, while Egypt was pushed down to third position, according to OAPEC report. The total energy consumption in the UAE increased to a record 1.478 million ebdp in 2010, while for Egypt it is 1.398 million ebpd.

Other major energy consumers in the region include Iraq (700,000 ebpd), Qatar (660,000 ebpd), Algeria (645,000 ebpd), Kuwait (515,000 ebpd) and Libya (513,000 ebpd).

OAPEC?s total energy consumption soared by about 2.9 percent to reach 9.828 million ebpd in 2010.

In terms of individual energy consumption, Qatar tops the list with a per capita consumption of 134.5 ebpd in 2010. UAE was second, with a consumption rate of 101.6 epbd, followed by Kuwait with around 48.6 ebpd and Saudi Arabia, with 43.3 ebpd.

Tunisia reported the lowest per capita consumption rate of six ebpd, followed by Egypt and Algeria, with about 6.6 ebpd.

A breakdown showed that demand for oil products were high in UAE, which stood at 4.957 million ebpd, while the gas consumption was estimated at 4.729 million ebpd. The consumption of electricity and coal stood at around 108,00 ebpd and 34,000 ebpd respectively.

Taken together, the UAE and Saudi Arabia accounted for about 49% of the total Arab gas consumption in the year 2010.

Source: Emirates 24/7

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