UAE executes ‘Reem Island Ghost’

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UAE executes an Emirati woman convicted of a murder of a US school teacher

UAE executes Reem Island ghost

The UAE was witness to a decision that reflected zero-tolerance towards terrorist crimes. In a rare decision, an Emirati woman was put to death by a firing squad for the murder of a US school teacher.

According to media reports, the convicted woman was condemned of killing an American teacher at an upscale shopping mall in Abu Dhabi in 2014.

Local media reports say that surveillance videos of the mall showed a veiled figure has been identified as the attacker.  The veiled figure was seen walking into the mall, running towards an elevator and then rushing out of the mall. The footage earned her the name of a “Reem Ghost”.

Media had reported in 2014 that Alaa Bader Al-Hashemi murdered Ibolya Ryan, 47, in a toilet. This came within months of the warning issued by the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi about an anonymous internet post that encouraged attacks against teachers at American and other international schools.

Al-Hashemi was also accused of making and planting a bomb outside an apartment building, the bomb failed to explode.

Netizens and Twiterrati though condemned the death sentence, supported the zero tolerance towards terrorist activities.

However, what is being questioned is the silence of the US over the execution.

Al-Hashemi, the mother of six had been allegedly looking for a foreigner to kill. She was alleged to have attained an extremist behaviour following the detention of her husband by the security services. Her intention was to spread fear among Western expatriates.

Death penalty in permitted under the law of the UAE, however rare. The emirate last saw an execution in January 2014 over a wrong firing by a squad.

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