UAE families spend AED 1200 on eating out

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As estimated by a UAE based food and beverage expert, the average monthly household spent in the UAE on dining out is Dh 1,200. This is a high amount compared to that to the rest of the world.

According to the report released by the UAE?s Ministry of Economy; here people are largely dependent on take-away and eating outs on a daily basis. The study covered UAE nationals as well as expatriates.

Hamad Al Hareb, Chairman of Al Koufa & Al Dahleez Services, a leading food restaurants chain in Dubai and owner of a series of standalone restaurants brands, says the culture of eating out differs a lot from Europe or North America. In the UAE, people are largely dependent on restaurants on a day to day basis.

He also added that, the UAE Government is making great strides to increase the number of food manufacturing plants in the country and has invested $ 1.4billion since 1994. He further said that there are now around 150 food processing plants operational throughout the country and this gives a push to the local restaurants.

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