UAE is home to 40% of Certified Internal Auditors across the region

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UAE Internal Audit Association members during a business breakfast meet
UAE Internal Audit Association members during a business breakfast meet. Photo-IIAUAE

The United Arab Emirates leads the Gulf region in the number of auditors who hold Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) certifications. This was revealed by the UAE Internal Audit Association (UAE-IAA), the local body affiliated to the Global Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA-Global),

The UAE accounts for 40 % of the total number of certified auditors in the Middle East (amounting to around 1,624  CIA auditors).

A recent study by the Global Institute of Internal Auditors revealed that the total number of CIA qualified internal auditors in the Middle East is estimated at around 4,112. Countries which are home to this intellectual capital include Jordan (212), Bahrain (366), Egypt (386), Lebanon (360), Oman (328), Saudi Arabia (836) and the United Arab Emirates (1,624). The numbers are representative of both citizens and expatriates.

In the attempts to encourage Arabs to seek the degree, the UAE-IAA has recently translated the CIA Exam to Arabic. The efforts have been made possible with the support of IIA-Global, making Arabic the 20th language that the exam is conducted in.

Mr. Abdulqader Obaid Ali, President of the UAE Internal Audit Association (UAE-IAA) expressed his delight on the milestone,

“The CIA qualification is the mark of excellence in the internal audit practice in the world, and this prestigious position that the UAE occupies in this field today reflects the Association’s commitment to take this profession to higher levels.

The greater number of certified internal audit professionals will definitely help in recognizing the important role this professional plays in both the public and private sectors. We are very proud that the UAE reached this position, and we intend to work harder as an association to compete on a global positioning in the months ahead.”

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