UAE implements Land Transport Act

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A National Transport Authority (NTA) license is now mandatory for any UAE land transport business.

UAE land transport
The UAE has implemented the Land Transport Act which envisages a modern and safe land transport system in the country through stricter regulations.

With the coordination of all federal and local authorities, the UAE has successfully implemented the Land Transport Act.

After the implementation of Law No. 9/2011, no road transport business in the UAE can be carried out without a license from the National Transport Authority (NTA). Under the law, the license applicant must be a UAE citizen and the transport vehicle should be equipped with all necessary safety features. The law seeks to promote an efficient and safer UAE land transport system to meet future needs of the Emirate.

The NTA is a regulatory body, setting rules for the land transport business of carrying passengers and goods within the UAE and to other countries. It is estimated that about 2,500 transactions will be made daily at border entry points. By electronically linking NTA and 25 federal and local departments, the time of each transaction is expected to be reduced from 15 minutes to seven minutes.

The new law sets out a modern and safe land transport system in the UAE through stricter regulations and requirements. The new law will regulate the establishment of land transport businesses, including their branches, the guarantor and auto clubs. Government authorities believe that the law will go a long way in helping the UAE achieve sustainable economic growth.

The NTA has already completed coordination on operations at border entry points for issuing the operating licenses for companies. It also plans to establish more well-staffed offices in the UAE to ensure speedy completion of all procedures. The body has also entered into a strategic partnership with Emirates Transport for licensing services at 36 NTA service centers to reduce the time and cost of the procedure. A campaign to promote the new law at local levels was also successfully organized to inform all stakeholders about latest developments and procedures.

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