Update Status: The UAE ‘Likes’ Facebook

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The UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority reports that Facebook is the most popular social media website in the UAE.

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Feeling excited about your date tonight? Update status.


Thought Pacific Rim deserves a decent review? Update views on group.


Just sat down for coffee at a new restaurant? Update status.


Love the sight of that burger in front of you? Instagram it.


Ten years back, these actions may have seemed improbable to most internet users. However, Facebook has slowly crept into our daily lives and it is now important to post every event, so your peeps don’t feel ‘left out’. The need to constantly update one’s social circle has seemingly become not only a social obligation, but a personal necessity. Facebook has become one of the ways we fuel our self esteem.

When it was recently revealed that Facebook is the most popular social media website in the UAE, it was no surprise to users of social media. The finding was published by the UAE’ Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in its latest report Smart Phone and Mobile Operating Systems

Facebook was by far the most popular site with a total of 13.2 billion visits representing 87 percent of all visits to all social networking websites during the period 1 April — 30 June 2013.

Coming in second was Twitter. However,the competition was not even close as visits to Twitter were recorded at 11 percent of total visits with 1.7 billion.

The business networking website LinkedIn came in the third spot with 282 million visits. Meanwhile, Maktoob, a Yahoo! company and MySpace achieved 8 million and 5 million visits, respectively.

Photo: MKH Marketing/Flickr

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