UAE mothers on saving spree – Survey

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Rising inflation and the consequent food price increases is causing a saving spree among women in the region. In addition to changing the kind of groceries that come into their homes, they are now being very selective in making purchases.

A new survey by Visa, one of the world?s leading electronic payments providers, has unveiled insights into how mothers across the country have been affected by increases in their most significant everyday cost household groceries.

The research, which was conducted among 160 mothers in the UAE has revealed the impact that the increasing cost of groceries experienced across the region over the last 12 months has had on families here in the UAE.

Almost all of the mothers polled reported noticing a significant increase in the overall costs of groceries, with many saying that they have taken measures to reduce their grocery spend as a direct result, including cutting down on the amount of groceries they buy, 38 percent, changing the kind of groceries they buy, 24 percent, and even changing where they shop for groceries, 5 percent.

The survey also revealed that 96 percent of them do their own grocery shopping rather than relying on household help, with two thirds of them, 66 percent, finding it an enjoyable task. And it seems that UAE mums are creatures of habit, with almost half of the respondents saying that they do their grocery shopping once a week; and 80 percent admitting to generally buying the same grocery items every time.

More than half the expats surveyed, said they now spend less on new clothes to cut down expenses.

New promotion

To help ease the pressure on shoppers,?Visa?is currently running a promotion across the UAE offering cardholders the opportunity to win AED 12,000 every time they use their?Visa?debit card to buy groceries before the end of September.

“This campaign hopes to boost?Visa?debit card usage by enabling cardholders to reap rewards for everyday spending. The size and importance of the grocery sector in the GCC prompted us to focus on this sector. From our experience, grocery shopping is an area where consumers have had the greatest spend, and the transaction is very often done by mothers as they are usually the ones keeping track of family expenses,” said Maysara Ghadban,?Visa’s Head of Marketing Communications for MENA.

“Aside from this promotion offering cardholders the chance to win money back, there are lots of other real and tangible benefits to using your debit card over cash, and it’s particularly true for grocery shopping. It is an extremely positive outcome to see that 28 per cent of the mothers questioned are regularly using their debit cards to make payments at grocery stores. However, almost the same again (30 per cent) are still choosing cash as their preferred payment option,” added Ghadban.

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