UAE parents tout non-traditional careers for kids

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UAE Parents encourage children to pursue non-traditional careers
A survey by HP reveals that parents in the UAE are encouraging their children to pursue non-traditional career choices.

According to recent research released by HP, more than one-fifth of parents within the UAE exhibit a preference for engineering as a profession for their children. This stems from the potential opportunities and the reputation for rapid advancement within the profession, owing to the growing infrastructure and construction sector in the UAE.

However, engineering is not the sole career choice favoured by respondents. One-in-five parents across the UAE have encouraged their children to become entrepreneurs, suggesting a high regard is given to strong business acumen in the UAE. in a recent survey, reveals that a high percentage of people in the MENA region feel that traditional forms of education will not prepare their kids for success in the workplace.

The study reveals that parents are beginning to give their children the freedom to choose careers, ones that have not been traditionally popular. Although 10 percent of the respondents did say they would like their children to become either a doctor or a scientist, other traditional professions such as law and journalism, are low on the list of career choices parents prefer, with just 4 percent and 1 percent respectively, supporting these roles for their child. In fact, UAE parents would rather their children express their artistic side with ‘creative professional’ being the fourth most favoured career path.

Either way, the study found that parents unanimously agree that a profession is secondary to the acquisition of a good education. Parents across the UAE all agree that with a solid academic foundation, a child can venture into any career and succeed.

Education is the key to success in any career, be that in the journey to becoming a doctor – or a designer.” — Professor Sarah Moore, education expert

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