UAE prepares m-government guidelines

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UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has formally announced the government’s first ‘m-government guidelines’ to serve as a detailed reference document for UAE government departments.

UAE m government
UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has formally announced that the government has prepared the first m-government guidelines. Photo: Jason Howie/Flickr


The UAE has successfully entered the post e-Government era with the launch of its Mobile Government initiative. The m-Government initiative marks a breakthrough in the way government services are delivered to the public. After this project, citizens will access government services anywhere and round-the-clock through their mobile phones. The initiative has been launched to enhance the delivery of public services and introduce innovative ways to provide these services in line with global standards.

The UAE leadership aims to complete the transition to m-government at a national level within two years. The initiative requires close coordination between all local and federal government departments to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the UAE Vision 2021. The TRA conducted several meetings and workshops with all concerned local and federal stakeholders to complete the guidelines in a timely manner.

Mohammed Al Ghanim; “It is a great honor for the TRA to be part of this great national project where everyone is working coherently to realize the vision of our wise leadership. We are very happy with the spirit of cooperation that our partners in the local and federal government entities have shown during this process and the previous introductory period where we worked together to draw the smart government roadmap.” — Mohammed Al Ghanim, TRA Director General, Celebrating the completion of the guidelines

The established guidelines have been shared with a group of ministries, federal entities and the electronic local governments to take their feedback. After incorporating the recommended changes, the guidelines will be published in English and Arabic on the official UAE Government portal. By engaging all departments, the TRA is committed to ensuring wider success of the m-government initiative. The TRA was assisted in the development of the guide, by Abu Dhabi e-Government, Dubai e-Government and Ras Al Khaimah e-government.

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