UAE, Saudi Arabia slowest on Google’s mobile internet speed test list

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Internet search giant Google has claimed in a survey that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia have one of the world’s slowest mobile download speeds.

Google’s mobile internet survey clocked the UAE with an average speed of 26.7 seconds while Saudi Arabia offering a mere 21.2 seconds, making the two Gulf nations the world’s ninth and 10th slowest internet service providers. Thailand was the third slowest on the list with an average of 17.4 seconds.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google measured webpage loading speeds on desktop computers and mobile devices in 50 countries with the fastest Internet connections.

On the other hand, South Korea topped the list with an impressive 4.8 seconds making it the world’s fastest mobile internet service. Denmark followed by 5.2 seconds while Hong Kong stood third with a speed of 5.9 seconds, Google’s findings revealed.

Emerging IT power India measured 16.4 seconds in the table while technology hub Japan clocked 6.4 seconds on the Google webpage stopwatch.

Following is the complete list of Google’s top and bottom 10 countries’ mobile speeds for loading webpages:

Top 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds)
South Korea (4.8)
Denmark (5.2)
Hong Kong (5.9)
Norway (6)
Sweden (6.1)
Estonia (6.2)
Czech Republic (6.3)
Japan (6.4)
Romania (7.5)
Slovak Republic (7.6)

Bottom 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds)
Malaysia (12.7)
Indonesia (12.9)
Singapore (12.9)
Mexico (14.1)
Brazil (15.8)
Argentina (16.3)
India (16.4)
Thailand (17.4)
Saudi Arabia (21.2)
United Arab Emirates (26.7)

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