‘UAE Saves Week’ Gains Support of Leading Entrepreneurs and Social Influencers

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UAE Saves Week (UAESW), an annual community initiative that aims to get UAE residents to adopt healthy saving habits, has gained the support of leading entrepreneurs, organisations and social influencers to promote the value of saving for better financial well-being. Taking place from 22 – 28 September, the week-long initiative hopes to empower and enable people to save money by challenging them to undertake simple pledges on each day of the week and share their experiences online through social media.

Developed by www.cashy.me – the Arab World’s first online bilingual platform for financial empowerment – UAE Saves Week breaks down saving lessons into daily themes to make the practice of saving money creative and manageable. Representing simple, measurable and bite-sized saving goals, the themes of UAESW are: Savings Sunday, Pack Your Lunch Monday, Green Tuesday, Wise Up Wednesday, Get out of Debt (GOOD) Thursday, Frugal Friday and Stick With it Saturday. To find out more about the week’s themes, go to http://www.cashy.me/uaesw/

Now in its second year, UAE Saves Week has garnered the support of nine ambassadors who include entrepreneurs Hazel Jackson, Donna Benton and Rama Chakaki, food blogger Sally Prosser, financial analyst Rupert Connor, ‘green’ warriors Tatiana Abella and Ibrahim Al Zubi, media professional Anita Bhatia and, Muna Al-Gurg, Chairwoman at Young Arab Leaders (YAL). From successful business owners to social advocates and environmentalists, these individuals have overcome various financial challenges, have considerable social influence in the local community and strongly believe in the importance of saving.

Leading each day of the event, the ambassadors will lend support to UAESW by living the day’s challenges, sharing useful financial advice online and running communal meet-ups for the public. In addition to using the www.cashy.me platform and their own social networks to share content, the ambassadors will be attending the week’s events to engage with the community, relaying their financial journeys and imparting important ‘saving’ lessons.

Nima Abu Wardeh, CEO CashyME
Nima Abu Wardeh, CEO CashyME

Nima Abu-Wardeh, Founder & CEO of www.cashy.me said, “We are delighted to see so many prominent people embracing the initiative and coming together to spread the message of ‘saving’. Money management is an ongoing struggle but one that can be tackled by taking some simple steps as early on as possible. UAE Saves Week seeks to teach these important lessons to the community by engaging them in daily challenges and interactions with inspirational people who have not only survived personal financial trials but have also emerged very successfully in their fields of work.”

Some of the meet-ups include interactive money clinics to give people real-world advice on financial problems, an artist-led up-cycling workshop to teach people multiple uses for household ‘waste’, a ‘spending confessional’ to help individuals tackle their compulsive spending habits and, a weekend picnic in the park to meet people, share ideas and experiences while having a good time at minimal expense.

“UAE Saves Week is an initiative for the greater good of individuals and the nation. By enabling people to make small changes during the week, we hope that we will teach them some vital saving lessons that they will apply for the rest of their lives. We encourage everyone to participate in the initiative both online and by attending the meet-ups during the week – this is an opportunity for people to not only receive some valuable education free-of-cost but also seriously work to improve their financial health,” says Nima Abu-Wardeh.

Follow @cashyME on twitter and @cashygram on Instagram for more updates on UAE Saves week. To participate, share your photos on these social media platforms using the hash tag #UAESaves as well as on the Cashy photo gallery: http://www.cashy.me/en/entries/photos/

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