UAE tightens toys safety code

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UAE’s Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology approves new mandatory standards for toys

Primary goal to ensure safety of kids using these products

UAE toys market estimated at AED 1.8 billion (USD 490 million) with average spending of a child by AED 1300 (USD 354) per year

UAE tightens toys code

Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA) announced today that updated standards on children’s toys will be submitted to the Federal Cabinet, which will issue a regulatory resolution to approve implementation of the GCC mandatory technical regulations and guides for these products in the UAE.

ESMA affirmed that it is implementing an integrated strategy to improve specifications and quality of national and imported children products to protect safety and health of children and support national economy through compliance with UAE, Gulf and international certified safety standards and requirements.

Acting Director of ESMA Abdullah Al Maeeni said the new Conformity Assessment Regulation for Children’s Toys, endorsed by ESMA board, would develop mechanisms of monitoring children products on the local market so as to ensure maximum levels of children’s safety and health.

The prime goal, he added, is to make sure that children face no harm and risks when using these products.

All toys sold in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf countries need to meet the requirements set by the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO). Toys authorised by ESMA currently have the G-mark certificate (Gulf Conformity Mark), which testifies compliance with GCC-wide safety and health regulations for toys.

GCC Conformity Marking symbol
GCC Conformity Marking symbol

GCC Conformity Marking was introduced to reduce the technical barriers of trade and facilitating the free movement of commodities across borders within the GCC member states.

The marking is not a quality mark, but rather a marking that signifies the conformity of products at least to the essential requirements of health, safety and environment.

He added that ESMA is conducting regular meetings with market regulators, suppliers, vendors and manufacturers to enlighten them on the regulations and requirements that toys should meet under the GCC technical safety and health regulations.

He put the value of the UAE toys market at AED 1.8 billion a year with an annual average spending of a child at AED 1300.

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