US favor India?s membership in NSG

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The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the apex body that controls global nuclear commerce could approve new norms that could mix up with India?s plans to freely acquire sensitive nuclear know how. Meanwhile, the US has proposed that adherence to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) need not be a ?pre requisite? for India?s membership to the NSG.

The US agreed to support India?s entry into the NSG when US President Barack Obama visited the country in November. ?But this in turn requires India to be party to the NPT,? said Rajeshwari Rajagopalan, senior fellow at think tank Observation Research Foundation.

Though there is a tantalizing threat that the NSG might adopt new guidelines for export of enrichment and reprocessing technology (ENR) that would restrict it to non-NPT states. If this is adopted by the NSG, then there is fear that India will be adversely affected.

Source: Economic Times; Times of India; LiveMint

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