IE users not kind of stupid !

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Over the past few days, articles were circulating the net that users of Internet Explorer (IE) are ?kind of stupid?. IE users have been ridiculed at even in the workplace. However all those who use IE can breathe a sigh of relief as the users are NOT ?kind of stupid,? it was all an elaborate hoax.

Capturing the eyes of major news organisations, including the BBC News, CBS News, ZDNet, the false story spread like wildfire, until it was revealed on Wednesday that the story was untrue.

Alarm bells

The BBC launched an investigation after reporting on the story themselves, and found that the Canadian site AptiQuant and its test results aren’t real.

Canadian firm ApTiquant ?commissioned? the report, stating that research connecting a users? browser choice is affected by the cognitive ability of the user. By connecting a users? IQ score against their common browser choice, a correlation was made between lower IQ scores and using Microsoft?s Internet Explorer browser.

The alarm bells would have rung at the size of the data. The company stated that it had invited over 100,000 web users to take part in the research. Not only would this is an extraordinarily difficult task to complete, but the data results would be so vast, it could take years to find any meaningful results.

“Questions about the authenticity of the story were raised by readers of the BBC website who established that the company which put out the research – AptiQuant – appeared to have only set up its website in the past month,” BBC explains. “Thumbnail images of the firm’s staff on the website also matched those on the site of French research company Central Test, although many of the names had been changed… The BBC contacted Central Test who confirmed that they had been made aware of the copy but had no knowledge of ApTiquant or its activities.”

At the moment, it’s unclear who’s behind the hoax.

We have witnessed hackathons in the past months, lets hope we will not witness a hoaxathon! By the way I don?t use the Internet Explorer I prefer Google Chrome or Fire Fox. Just clarifying.

Source: wsj, ZDnet, Webtechi

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