Valentine’s Day in the time of Social Media

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14th February, the day of St. Valentine, is here again. And no matter how many years we have spent in  idolising and eulogising this grand emotion, the hype around it just gets bigger and better, economic recessions notwithstanding.Not to be outdone in the Valentine’s day frenzy,the social media networks too are at the  forefront, playing a major role. Emotions are on full display online and social  networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ et al, have become one of the most powerful tools in expressing them. They make and break relationships, renew old flames and consolidate existing ones. The very reason why Valentine’s day marketing brands are looking towards the social media platform to reach out to targeted population on Valentine’s Day.

Love in the Time of Social Media:

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The social networking sites are  already abuzz with high octane drama. From declarations of love to confessions; social networking sites are  the new age matchmakers. Radian6, a provider of the social media monitoring platform for marketing, had interesting insights based on a  social media activity survey done prelude to the Valentine’s Day.

Mashable on the other hand, had very surprising results to share based on social media postings. According to data from NM Incite, men tend to bicker more on Twitter than women.The social analytics company studied 70,000 recent tweets and found that one-tenth of men’s tweets about Valentine’s Day are positive compared to one-fifth of women’s! So are men sick of pampering their better halves and being dramatic about it all, on Valentine’s Day? Apparently yes, according to trending tweets.

Facebook stats  on the other hand reveal that there is actually a 200% spike in relationship declarations on Valentine’s Day.

So from the private corners of our hearts, true love has been relegated, and its veracity tested ,based on public online display. The question however on everyone’s mind is, if social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and others, would be  able to handle  the huge number of posts, updates, photos, videos that will go online on the big day. Love does make the world go crazy and how!

On Valentine’s Day here’s the Big Love of Big Data Infographic by SDL Social Intelligence. Just so that you know, you are not alone in all this madness!

Valentine's day in Social Media Infographic
Valentine’s day in Social Media Infographic
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