Video ATMs coming soon to UAE

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After tremendous success of Gold ATM, video calling services are set to be launched soon in the UAE.

According to Ali Sajwani,?Emirates-NBD chief information officer, the bank is planning to provide video chat at 10 to 15 teller machines in the UAE to give its customers a direct video feed to multi-channel contact centres in order to boost customer service.

Video ATM service will be a shared service launched via bank’s partners Avaya Networks in about 750 ATMs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain.

During a media briefing at Telecoms World Middle East 2011 in Dubai, Sajwani added: “We’re very proud to be one of the first banks to offer these services and it will be a landmark which will avert people from standing in queue and waiting for their turn”

However there was no specific date announced by Mr. Sajwani for the launch of new video-powered ATMs.

Nidal Abou Ltaif, Avaya area vice-president of emerging markets, said the video ATMs would help meet “demands of a new generation”. “Avaya is delighted to serve a leading institute like Emirates NBD,” he added.

When customers from different areas of UAE were asked to give their views on new Video ATM service, we received a mixed feedback.

Mr. Adam, a bank customer said that ?It is bad enough waiting for grandma and grandpa hold up a line of people at the ATM while fumbling around, reading pin numbers out to the world written down, and rereading everything on the screen 3 times, without implementing video conferencing to the ATMs ? killing their time saving advantage.?

Any such video facility would be better served as a separately designed video ?kiosk? ? with the dedicated data links the banks use, it could be excellent quality as well (although you would want a larger higher resolution screen than a typical ATM) he added.

Another bank customer said that “I can see the up side as a user to getting help from a teller when you?re having an issue with the ATM or something else. But as the person in the queue standing behind you, OMG please no”.

A private banker and business analysis Mr. Raj Tanwar said that ?security is my main concern while using an ATM. I?d prefer to see a brightly lit area around the ATM and CCTV screens up and down the street when I need to make those late-night withdrawals but then I would also love to experience this new service if I could?.

What would you do? Would you want to use this new video ATM? Would you prefer on it having privacy screens around it?

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