Video Streaming boom in Western Europe [Infographic]

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Video streaming is booming in Western Europe with Netflix subscribers to more than double in the region, reveals IHS Technology’s infographic.


According to the statement released by the company on April 15th 2015, several major milestones were achieved in Q1: subscribers in the US surpassed 40 million; 20 million internationally; and 60 million in total.

Latest forecast from IHS Technology reveals that by 2019, Western Europe subscribers will make up 23% of total Netflix subscribers. Netflix already spends more on content than BBC, HBO and the Discovery Channel.

According to the report, by 2019 Netflix will have over 21 million subscribers, up from 3 million in 2013.

Netflix started back in 1997 offering a subscription based service that allowed its subscribers to have unlimited video rentals with no late fees.

The company has not stopped innovating since its inception. It transitioned from being an on-line video rental subscription based provider to being the leader in supplying video and entertainment on-demand throughout the world.

Netflix subscribers Western Europe Infographic

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