[VIDEO]: Ultimate Exercises for Travellers by Four Seasons Global Fitness Advisor

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The Ultimate Fitcation: Harley Pasternak and Four Seasons Collaborate to Help Travellers Feel Their Best on the Go

Harley Pasternak showcases the best exercises for travellers in new video series, designed to help with five of the most common fitness challenges experienced by travellers

Harley’s expertise is showcased in more than 20 supporting how-to videos, offering a deep-dive into the exercises that Pasternak has exclusively curated for each routine.

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Whether fighting jet lag or simply trying to maintain regular exercise while travelling, the videos outline the same proprietary fitness philosophy Pasternak uses with his celebrity clientele. Pasternak’s fitness approach is easy and accessible, focusing on simple and effective exercises that provide guests the tools and inspiration to work out in a hotel gym, outdoors on property, or even in the comfort of their hotel room.

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“As wonderful and fulfilling as travel can be, it also brings with it a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to personal fitness,” says Christian Clerc, President, Worldwide Hotel Operations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “When we talk to our guests, they tell us that fitness is among their top passions. Yet we also know that it’s difficult for them to stick to a routine or find time while on the go. In today’s fast-paced world, Harley’s renowned philosophy and simple approach is the perfect antidote to these fitness challenges, helping and inspiring our guests to reach their fitness goals while making the most of their time with Four Seasons.”

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“We’re all time starved, and finding time to work out and stay active is often a huge challenge – especially when travelling,” says Harley Pasternak, Four Seasons Global Fitness Advisor. “But travel can be the best time to get active and when our bodies need it most, whether we’re exploring a new destination or shaking off that jet lag.”

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Pasternak continues, “As someone who knows all about leading a busy lifestyle, I’m excited to partner with Four Seasons to create a series of fitness videos aimed at inspiring their guests to stay fit and active when they’re travelling. From the fitness centre or hotel room, lush gardens or sunny beaches, these videos aim to empower Four Seasons guests to get active, take advantage of their new surroundings, and ultimately feel their very best.”

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Staying Fit with Four Seasons and Harley Pasternak

The video series includes five easy and effective routines to inspire guests to get fit with Four Seasons. Each of the five fitness videos is also accompanied by helpful how-to videos where Pasternak outlines the step-by-step form and technique for each of the exercises.

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The full collection of fitness videos will be available in the award-winning Four Seasons App which was recently updated and re-launched. Alongside a complete design refresh, the App is simpler than ever for Four Seasons guests to customise their stay and explore Four Seasons content, all in the palm of their hand. The fitness videos will also be available on Four Seasons YouTube channel, allowing guests and the public to get fit at the touch of a button.

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5 Feature Fitness Videos

FitwithFS Challenge

Maintaining fitness routines while away from home can be a challenge, whether on a quick work trip or travelling for leisure with loved ones. Four Seasons offers state-of-the-art fitness facilities at each property around the world, but oftentimes guests want to get outside and explore or stay in the comfort of their own room. With this video, guests can challenge themselves to get fit anytime, anyplace.

Total Beach Body

Some of the most relaxing vacations are those on the beach, and before a beach vacation, many travellers dedicate themselves to working out so that they can feel their best. The exercises in this video are the same that Pasternak uses with his roster of celebrity clientele, broken down into two routines; one focused primarily on upper body, and one primarily on lower body. Whether a beginner or more advanced, the complementary how-to videos provide modifications to help everyone achieve their desired results.

Jet Lag Rescue

A long journey often results in a disrupted, jet-lagged body and mind. Pasternak recommends getting outside as the first thing to do after arriving to a hotel or resort, helping with time zone adjustments so guests can acclimatize to new surroundings. This simple set of exercises inspires guests to explore the outdoors to help their body and mind get back on track.

Out of Office Fitness

Many Four Seasons guests are travelling for business. Long meetings and conferences, as well as extended screen time, can result in neck and lower back pain associated with sitting and working at a computer or mobile phone. In this video, Pasternak outlines an exercise routine that targets the back, shoulders, and neck to help guests find some relief and comfort while out of office.

Hotel Fitness Favourites

Four Seasons offers some of the world’s finest fitness facilities which all guests can take advantage of. And since his appointment as Four Seasons Global Fitness Advisor, Pasternak has travelled to many Four Seasons properties creating and redesigning fitness facilities – always with the guest experience top of mind. In this video, Pasternak highlights his gym equipment favourites, helping guests feel inspired to get fit at Four Seasons properties around the world.

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