Virgin America adds comedy to in-flight safety video

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Let’s admit it, the in-flight safety instructions that we are repeatedly exposed to when flying an airline are pretty boring.

Despite its obvious importance and relevancy, a good number of people do not pay any attention to the robotic acts of the flight attendants.

Virgin America has come out with an in-flight safety video which nicely translates their brand into a narrative experience.

[tubepress video=”DtyfiPIHsIg” theme=”youtube” embeddedHeight=”400″ embeddedWidth=”640″]


The airline is giving travelers the opportunity to be cast in a future version of the safety video shown on flights nationwide by submitting their own freestyle “#VXsafetydance” moves via Instagram video. All details can be found on

In the past, several airlines had attempted to introduce in-flight safety videos in a very creative way so that the serious message is put across to the audience by catching their attention.

Air New Zealand introduced safety videos featuring exercise-celebrity Richard Simmons and characters from the Hobbit movies.

Then, it came out with a “Safety Old School Style” where older people instructed modern-day travelers in on-board safety starring actress Betty White who says in the video, “If you want to know about survival, talk to us; because you’re going to want some advice from people who have been there and done that.”  The video has close to 2 million views as of today.

US-based Delta too makes its safety videos more exciting, while keeping safety in mind. Delta’s in-flight safety videos have been watched more than 3 million times.

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