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google glass
google glass
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The future of the web and technology is in constant revision around the world. Several innovations have recently hit the street and it is worthwhile to stay ahead of the changing landscape, or at the very least, learn the latest terminology.

While Google Glass, touch screens and Cloud Computing have already become mainstream, Leap Motion, Additive Manufacturing (aka, 3-D Printing), Oculus Rift and SmartThings are next-up. Hand Manipulated Holographic Technology, Augmented Reality Contact Lenses, Smart glass, the Eye Tribe and Agent Smartwatch aren’t far behind.

Even the way products are funded has changed dramatically in recent years. Several notable products and services were funded by KickStarter campaigns — products which would never have seen the light of day had they been proposed within normal corporate structures and their prioritized R&D budgets. Such creative funding sources were unheard of as little as ten years ago, but can now fast-track and deliver almost any innovative product or service to the marketplace in record time.

The infographic below elegantly describes recent technologies and computing advances and briefly explains how we will interact with them.


How do you view web and technology? Has either, or both, impacted your life positively — or negatively? Of all the next-up technologies or applications, which ones appeal most to you?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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