The race for social search

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The Search mammoth Google found itself a contender in the Search world when Bing was launched by Microsoft. ?Backed by huge and aggressive investments, Bing has been taking small but steady steps on the way to success. The single minded determination to challenge the giant Google showed when Bing struck an alliance with Facebook last year. ?Through its ?Friends Effect? feature, Bing has managed to deeply integrate Facebook throughout search results. For people who would like to know the opinions of their friends while searching for something to help make a decision, this new feature of Bing offers a faithful solution. By including friends’ Facebook ?Like?s in the search results, Bing would let you know their opinion/view without having to ask them. That?s pretty cool stuff, isn?t it?

This seems like Bing’s answer to Google?s ?+1 button?, but a better one. Google seemed like it was attempting to build its own social functionality through + feature but it?s not Facebook, and doesn?t have the stronghold on social sharing like the latter.? Therefore for once, Bing seems to have beaten Google with its strategic and unique partnership with Facebook. However, there could be issues like Privacy etc. to deal with. For e.g. the Facebook users? personal information appearing on a Search Engine.

It will be a wait and watch game to see who wins the social search race ultimately. One thing we know now is that Bing is not to be taken lightly.

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