Why Autumn is the Perfect Season to Visit Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is more fantastic in Autumn season

If you weren’t able to take a break in summer but plan to travel to a beautiful place, Mr. Rashid Al Noori, The Chairman of the Representative office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan in GCC recommends you travel to Azerbaijan this fall.

He says “Azerbaijan in Autumn has amazingly unique beauty and for us living in the Gulf Countries, we usually miss this autumn beauty. There’s going to be more splendor for us who seek the blessings of the nature in autumn.  The weather will have a mix of calm sunny days with rain meeting the sun on the same day.  The Caspian Sea will be warm and there will be summer-like green forests, parks and gardens, which will only start changing colors in late October!!”

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With such beauty, autumn makes for the perfect season to visit Azerbaijan. You can take an excursion to one of the most picturesque villages in the country’s regions, or stay in the city and enjoy the bounties of fall. It’s very clear that whatever you choose to do in Azerbaijan this autumn, you will be surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere of kindheartedness and hospitality.


He continued to say that, Azerbaijan will be rich with fruits like Quince, persimmon, loquat and pomegranates during this autumn season. This is besides, figs, watermelons, dogwood, pears and apples that will be there to give you the vitamin abundance while you stay in the serenely beautiful country and enjoy the culture.

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“The season of fall is a time of harvest and with the organic fruits one can indulge in the most natural, fresh but very halal cuisine. I also know that it’s not usual for the gulf travelers but those who love mushrooms and different fascinating plants can visit the picturesque forest lands and get them. But please do so with the guidance from the people who know how to pick the mushrooms”.

Azerbaijan has calm lakes, healing springs and protected groves, which you can visit this autumn and experience the rewards of nature that will gladden even the most sophisticated traveler.


He did also remind about hunting tourism that is known to be most interesting for travelers especially from GCC, saying that the first step toward planning a hunting trip, is to know what you want to hunt, where you want to hunt and all the legal formalities to do so.

According to Mr. Rashid Al Noori… “Azerbaijan hunting season begins Mid-autumn and travelers will be able to hunt with Falcons for numerous birds as well as hunt for the noble deer, wild boar, hare, bears, wolves, foxes and other animals especially in Gabala. Those who are not interested in hunting shouldn’t worry at all as they will certainly enjoy numerous activities including shooting activities at the Gabala Shooting Club.”

Photos: Azerbaijan in Autumn 


Now that you know what makes Azerbaijan more appealing this Autumn, It’s up to you to pack your bags and start chasing the winds of fall in Azerbaijan. In short, don’t hesitate this autumn, take a trip to Azerbaijan. Plan you’re your family and don’t miss the chance to celebrate Islamic News Year in Azerbaijan.

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