Why LinkedIn is the Perfect Place to Jumpstart your Job Hunt

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You are probably aware that Linked is the world’s most popular professional networking site. You’ve also heard from your friends and colleagues how they got a job or switched their career with the help of LinkedIn.

Now, LinkedIn has come up with an Infographic revealing the ‘secrets’ on what successful job seekers did to get their dream job.

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The company analyzed a group of over 4000 super job seekers (LinkedIn members who viewed a job at a particular company and then joined that company within three months) and studied what they were doing on LinkedIn during those three months of job hunting.

As you will see from the Infographic, most successful job seekers on LinkedIn aren’t just searching, viewing, and applying for jobs on LinkedIn, they’re doing something more.

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Infographic: 7 Smart Habits of Successful Job Seekers

7 Smart habits of successful job seekers
Infographic: 7 Smart habits of successful job seekers. Image courtesy-LinkedIn

Three particular points that we want to highlight from the Infographic:

1. Why it’s important to join LinkedIn groups and be active there

You could be meeting your next boss through a LinkedIn group. LinkedIn groups are the virtual meeting place for like minded professionals to discuss on their topic of interest(s).

By joining groups, you get the latest industry news and insights from well-known names in the field and even join in on interesting industry-related conversations.

2. Why getting an Endorsement on LinkedIn is important to your career

Getting an endorsement, especially from a famous or well-know industry expert can boost your personal reputation. All things equal, the more number of endorsements you have can make you a better job candidate than your competitor.

Even better is getting LinkedIn recommendations – which a person has to take the time out and write about you.

3. How LinkedIn Pulse can get you ahead of the Game

LinkedIn Pulse displays the news from your favorite sites to help you quickly get through the headlines. New features give you more ways to share and create discussion around subjects.

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