Why Professionals Are Happy and Thrive in the UAE

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United Arab Emirates with its multi-cultural, safe and tolerant society has always been a magnet for attracting workforce from around the world. A new research study conducted by LinkedIn in unison with the local roll-out of its global “In It Together” campaign found that 45% of professionals in the UAE consider themselves “very successful”.

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The study also revealed what professionals in the UAE define as success in their career. For 66% of the respondents success means “being happy”. Another top choice was “being healthy” (63%), while “maintaining a work-life balance” was the third most popular answer (53%).

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Some of the top reasons cited by professionals for their career success in the UAE were country’s favourable work environment, workplace diversity and workplace ‘bestie’, helping them to be fully engaged and productive, and ultimately being happy.

The study asked people in the UAE and across the world how they define professional success, and who or what have been the reasons behind their career trajectories. Findings from the report have revealed a strong correlation between success and happiness, with 66 percent of those surveyed in the UAE saying that success means “being happy”. Another top choice was “being healthy” (63 percent), while “maintaining a work-life balance” was the third most popular answer (53 percent).

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Among the UAE’s expatriate professional community, nearly 45 percent (44.9%) say they are “very successful” in the UAE work environment in comparison to their experiences in their home countries, while another 35.9 percent describe themselves as “fairly successful”. Additionally, 57.3 percent credit being exposed to different cultures for making them more creative, and 59 percent say they have learned more thanks to that exposure.

Other findings revealed that nearly 61 percent (60.9%) of UAE professionals have a workplace best friend, or ‘bestie’, who helps them better get through the day (50.8 per cent), makes them feel more confident (35.8 percent), and plays a part in their career progression (32.8 percent).

Commenting on the findings, Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn MENA, said: “Our latest study conveys intriguing insights into the UAE’s labour force, revealing how a significant number believe themselves to have attained professional success already. In addition, it highlights the impact of diversity in the workplace, confirming that people learn and evolve when surrounded by unique perspectives and skill sets.”

He added: “These results also break down the perception that success happens within a vacuum. Each of us have entire communities to thank for our careers – from our families and friends, to our colleagues and mentors – and as the world’s leading networking platform for professionals, we hope to be an integral part of this community. Through our tools, we aim to continue connecting people to the right opportunities, while leading them to the next step in their journey to professional success.”

Following the theme of professional fulfilment, LinkedIn’s ‘In It Together’ campaign seeks to find out what drives the ambitions of the world’s workforce. The local campaign launch and research findings come during a period in which the UAE is well on its way to achieve the objectives laid out in its National Agenda, one of which is to rank amongst the top five happiest countries in the world by 2021.

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