Why women are turning to entrepreneurship?

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Meher Anand Mirchandani, Director of Manrre Reit offers insights into some of the factors influencing women to take up entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an extremely rewarding journey, and several women are now taking the plunge to be masters of this art. Statistics state that 62 percent of women entrepreneurs depend on their business as their primary source of income. This challenges the old assumption that women entrepreneurs are more likely to run lifestyle businesses that provide supplemental income, as opposed to serving as a primary source of revenue. In today’s time, women are not only changing the age-old practices of being an entrepreneur but also excelling at it. These are some factors that influence women to lead the game.

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Create & Excel 

A woman is the means of creation in this world and creating organizations is a fulfilling one. To be able to create a company from bottom up is a great experience. To be in a position of power and excel in that position is a driving force. Statistics state that women and men are not treated in the same way at any organization and hence to be able to create and grow your company, its reputation and its revenue is an uplifting journey. Women are stronger than perceived and certainly as efficient and intelligent than any man. Women as Oprah Winfrey have proven to be an inspirational and superbly successful entrepreneur like no man. 

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Passion & Growth 

‘While women are intelligent and efficient, they are also known to lead with a heart which enables them to create, grow and sustain high performing teams and businesses. This quote by Deepak Chopra expresses it rightly – Women possess some of the most important traits needed to succeed in business: empathy, tenderness, and affection. Without these characteristics, wisdom cannot exist. We could dream a new world into actuality, a more sustainable, kind, nurturing world.”

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Elevate & Enrich 

When a woman is an independent and earning member of society, the opportunities presented to the family are beyond the standard. Besides providing and contributing to the family’s standard of living, women entrepreneurs also elevate and enrich the lives of their children and extended families. The network that is built by being an entrepreneur enables you to leverage it at the time you need it.

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Flexibility & Ease

For women, life has more dynamics and facets compared to that of a man and entrepreneurship permits them to be able to enjoy each of these facets with ease. From being a wife to a daughter in law and a mother, entrepreneurs can enjoy without the burden of being liable to a job.

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When you work for yourself you will need to go beyond your comfort zone to make your life and the lives of people connected to you, and that’s when the journey begins.

Meher Anand Mirchandani

Meher Anand Mirchandani is the Director of Manrre Reit and a Board member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation. Being a second generation entrepreneur, she is taking the family business to greater heights from the traditional garments business into real estate, logistics, furniture, and food and beverages

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