Indian IT giant eyes investment in Oman

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indian IT tycoon
Azim Premji – Chairman Wipro Limited. Photo – The Hindu

A leading Indian IT firm announced on Monday it is exploring Oman as its next largest strategic market in the Gulf region and hopes to invest in the country’s technology infrastructure.

Azim Premji, Indian IT tycoon and chairman of Wipro, during his first visit to Oman said his company’s presence in Oman since the last two and half years has proven to be very fruitful.

“It is a good to do business here and we have made a good entry. We think we can grow very aggressively here,” he told in an interview with the Times of Oman newspaper.

“We wanted to know what the government would like us to do to be relevant to the country, apart from giving us business. We plan to establish the seriousness of our commitment to Oman. We plan to look at the presence that we have here, the presence that we are trying to build and also build on the localisation which we are doing here,” he told the Muscat daily.

Wipro has been operating in the Middle East for the last 10 years and has key customers across Omani market segments including oil and gas, retail, banking, transportation among others. The company’s founder said in the interview that it is perhaps the fastest growing region for IT globally.

“We have cut across most of the verticals in Oman. We feel the potential is much more than what we have tapped. We feel Oman will throw up opportunities which will be much larger than what we have been able to exploit till now. So we will continue to make investments,” he said.

Wipro said in a statement that it is looking to expand in Oman and conducting a case study on the country’s travel industry.

Azim Premji has been leading Wipro since the late 1960’s. The company posted a $7 billion revenue last year and offers services in IT, BPO and R&D services. With presence in over 70 countries, Wipro operates in segments such as IT products and services, consumer care and lighting, healthcare and infrastructure engineering.

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