Recent Trends: Women to Capitalise on Careers through Enriched ‘Career Capital’

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In today’s times, women play a significant role in the global corporate world matching toe-to-toe with men. They don’t consider themselves to be the weaker sex as far as their presence in the corporate sector is concerned and expect to be given the same level of respect and recognition as their male counterparts.

These self-confident expectations aren’t a result of ad-hoc assumptions but are factual statements based on the results of a recently conducted survey by Accenture across 32 countries in the world, including the United Arab Emirates.

Some of the most illuminating facets of the survey can be enumerated as follows:

  • Nearly 86% female professionals in the UAE are focused and driven about enhancing the core and specific skill-sets – referred to as ‘career capital’ – to boost their career positions and prospects
  • About 60% female professionals in the UAE have emphasised knowledge about their professional subject as an important tool to boost their ‘career capital’
  • Around 54% of working women in the UAE state that longer the career span, more enhanced and developed is their ‘career capital’
  • Nearly 46% of working women professionals in the UAE have also listed socio-professional networking outside of their organisations as being viable resources to enhance and enrich ‘career capital’
  • A substantial percentage of women professionals (about 50%)  discuss work-oriented subjects like remuneration and perks and work-load with their family, friends and colleagues in the region

In terms of the global picture, the following salient features can be highlighted boldly:

  • About 91% of working professionals (both men as well as women) believe that employees’ success in organisations depends on their ability to match footsteps with the changing demands
  • Around 86% percent of working professionals (both men and women) responded positively when asked about their personal opinion on such changing organisational demands
  • Nearly 75% of the professional respondents stated that they were well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future corporate demands and succeed

Infographic: 2014 Women’s Research Finds Both Men and Women Thriving in Face of Change

What makes women and men so confident about their career prospects in today’s changing world? For one thing, they believe success comes to those who can adapt. Infographic courtesy-Accenture

The study also highlighted facets about expectations about increase and sustainability of women professionals at the highest levels of organisational hierarchies, relevance of job-based experience vis-à-vis educational backgrounds and the concept of working parents’ households vis-à-vis stay-at-home parents’ households.

All-in-all, the study presents quite a positive outlook for global employees irrespective of whether they are men or women. Alongside it also presents an irrefutable perspective that women are no longer playing second fiddle to male working professionals as far as career choices and priorities are concerned. In that then, the glass ceiling is truly being rattled, it not completely shattered.

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