Work Less Play More is Key to Achieving Business Success: Research

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New report by Cielo, a global strategic recruitment & talent management partner, quantifies the impact of talent management on business output.

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Encouraging employees to spend less time at work is one of the most important ways to get more out of a Middle East workforce, reveals research released today by Cielo, a global strategic recruitment & talent management partner.

In a finding that may be seen as counter-intuitive by more traditional business leaders, the research showed that pushing Middle East staff to practice leaving the office on time and turning off work cell phones at the weekend, has a positive effect on businesses’ overall productivity.

Middle East organisations considered to be high-performers are 25 times more likely than low-performing organisations to rate their support for employee work-life strategies as ‘excellent’; over three-quarters (76%) of high-performing companies make a significant investment in achieving work-life balance, compared to just 3% of low performing organisations.

The findings from the Cielo Talent Activation Index show the impact of superior talent strategies on companies’ business performance. The Index polled more than 750 senior HR and talent management executives worldwide in six global industries.

The study identified that high-performing organisations outperformed low-performing businesses by creating effective approaches to key areas including embracing cultural diversity, effectively motivating workers of all generations, and utilising effective value propositions to attract top talent.

High-performing Middle East organisations ranked themselves higher in all the most important talent management approaches than equivalent high-performing organisations in Western Europe and North America.

Jonathan Bennett, Director at Cielo in Dubai, said: “It’s logical to expect that effectively managing your work force has an impact on business output; but this research uses projectable data to show that it can be the key differentiator between a high-performing and under-performing organisation, especially when it comes to adopting work-life balance strategies.

“From our own work with UAE clients, we know that business in the private sector is quickening at the fastest pace for five years, which means it is more important than ever for organisations to invest in a work force that can take advantage of the upturn in the economic cycle. The data clearly shows that high-performing businesses recognise the importance of talent management and the impact it has on the bottom line.”

Analysing the top five behaviours of high-performing organisations, the Cielo Talent Activation Index found that businesses in the Middle East ranked themselves highly in each area, with their approach to work-life balance being the most differentiated from that of their global peers:

Work Less Play More is Key to Achieving Business Success
Work Less Play More is Key to Achieving Business Success, reveals research

Similarly, organisations in the Middle East are more satisfied with the quality of their workforce than North American and Western European firms;  86% of high-performing Middle Eastern businesses reported to be ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of their workforce, compared to 83%  in North American and 84% in Western Europe.

High-performing businesses in the Middle East also feel their organisations are more prepared than their international counterparts for the new generation of workers that will emerge by 2020; 76% of businesses in the Middle East are ‘very prepared’ to meet the changing workforce demands that will emerge by the next decade, compared to 72% in Western Europe and 68% in North America.

The research report coincides with the new brand launch of Cielo. Previously operating under the name Pinstripe & Ochre House, the new brand launch reflects the successful integration of U.S.-based Pinstripe, Inc. and UK-based Ochre House, which joined forces in July 2013, leveraging the combined company’s global scale and entrepreneurial agility to deliver transformational talent and recruitment solutions to its clients worldwide.

The new identity reinforces the leading global strategic recruitment and talent management partner’s culture of service excellence and its commitment to delivering comprehensive, talent solutions that are tailored to meet clients’ exact needs and geographic footprint. Through the use of innovative technologies and deep industry expertise, Cielo provides clients with a consultative perspective that aims to challenge conventional thinking and deliver better business outcomes.

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