World Art Dubai showcases over 3000 works of affordable art this year

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World Art Dubai, one of the regions premier platform for worldwide galleries to showcase accessible, inspirational and affordable art to Middle Eastern art lover is on its final day today.

As part of Dubai Art Season, World Art Dubai brought together regional and global artists and galleries from across Dubai’s international community.

A unique fusion of art, education and entertainment, World Art Dubai reflects the city’s growing prominence as a leading cultural and artistic hub.  From young and emerging artists to established names, World Art Dubai is hosting a diverse collection of contemporary and fine art work for every budget.

Among the many local artists exhibiting this year at the World Art Dubai event is Ms. Minisha Bharadwaj. Minisha Bharadwaj is an active, self-taught Indian artist and art activist currently based in Dubai.

Minisha’s compositions are mostly driven by thoughts and emotions. She loves to create an emotional connection between her subjects and the viewer. She tries and portrays the soul, spirit and expressions through subjects that she draws, whether they are faces with varying emotions or wild surreal fantasies.


As they say, “eyes are the mirror to the soul”, Manisha’s artwork constantly explores this facet. She often expresses subtle emotions through intriguing eyes in her work using charcoal. The predominant use of black mystifies her subjects creating a surreal world of imaginations.

As an artist, she has created a unique style of expressing human’s inner feelings, been exhibiting in various national and international exhibitions. She has been able to strike a right chord with viewers, art appreciators and collectors.

Minisha is showcasing her artworks at Stall number 33. Drop by and enjoy her charcoal impressions.

With more than 3,000 works of affordable art including paintings, prints, sculptures, and photography, World Art Dubai is the perfect opportunity to take home original art, or add to an existing collection.

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