World Cup 2014: Who Arabs Think Will Win [Infographic]

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Ipsos have conducted a very interesting research study about the world cup predictions and feedback on different teams in 11 Arab countries.

The ‘Ipsos Football Score’ or IFS was designed to categorically rank the various football teams based on specific variables like favourability, likeability, loyalty, popularity, uniqueness (tactics and abilities) and their chances of winning the title. Depending upon the importance and significance of each of these variables, Ipsos arrived at a comprehensive and definitive score for each team.

Out of the 11 countries a majority of them got Brazil the top score in the ranking. UAE, Qatar, Tunisia, Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan all favoured Brazil, while it was Argentina that top scored in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, for Iraq, Netherlands came on top in the IFS score.

Click on the below image to open the Infographic:

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