Dubai Font – World’s first Microsoft font created by a city and named after it

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The government of Dubai has announced the launch of ‘Dubai Font’ – the first typeface developed by Microsoft ever for a city, and named after it. The font, which will be available in 23 languages, was developed simultaneously in Latin and Arabic script.

Microsoft and The Executive Council of Dubai has worked with Nadine Chahine, the Arabic type design specialist for Monotype, on a typeface for the city.   It will be automatically added to Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2016 programmes in the latest update, and made available to download manually at, estimated to reach over 85 million people in 180 countries.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed al-Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai and chairman of the executive council has urged all government institutions to adopt the font in official correspondence.  Describing the font as a “unique project” that reflects the heritage and culture of the UAE, he stated that the font “reaches out to the world” with the hashtag “#ExpressYou” and  reflects the United Arab Emirates’ vision ‘to become a regional and global leader in innovation’.

“Dubai has always been a pioneer for digital revolutions and the implementation of Dubai Font is a testament to the city’s commitment to be ranked first in the digital world. In Dubai, the wise leadership has always focused on using technology to increase effectiveness of performance in achieving happiness and public satisfaction in the society, be it for creating more jobs, more opportunities, creating a safe city or simply creating facilities for people of all ages and nationalities.

The digital evolutions have changed not just the national economy, but also established Dubai’s position as a digital hub. The introduction of the Digital Font is part of Dubai’s journey to develop the city economically, socially and technologically,” said Mirvat Naba, Director of a well-known PR agency in Dubai.

The Dubai Font marks a meticulous design that combines the authenticity of the past and the aspirations of the future, crossing all borders and barriers to give every person, wherever they may be, the means to express themselves. The font is a reflection of the emirate’s new and innovative mark in the digital world, and one that builds a knowledge bridge between the East and West.

The Dubai Font is not only a digital typeface used for writing but also a form of communication allowing people around the world to express their personalities and feelings in an ever-evolving digital world.

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