World’s largest solar powered boat heading to the UAE

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World’s largest solar powered boat is heading to the UAE in upcoming weeks. The 95-tonne MS T?ranor PlanetSolar will be in Abu Dhabi for the World Future Energy Summit which will take place from January 16 to 19.

MS T?ranor PlanetSolar has so far sailed 48,000 kms using just solar energy.

The idea to travel the world on a vessel using no fuel and emitting no carbon dioxide was envisioned by Swiss engineer Raphael Domjan in 2004.

The Planetsolar vessel is the result of an international project whose team includes physicists, engineers, sailors, boat builders and environmental protection specialists. The name T?ranor, derived from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Lord of the Rings, translates to “The Power of the Sun”.

T?ranor PlanetSolar will become the first ever boat to circumnavigate the world using solar power alone. The boat is covered by 537 square metres of solar panels. The high-efficiency solar cells are manufactured by California-based SunPower Corporation.

“We are proud to support the unveiling of the world’s largest solar boat, powered by SunPower’s high-efficiency solar cells,” Jorn Jurgens,?SunPower Senior Director, said. “SunPower’s technology will enable the catamaran to circumnavigate the globe with the speed and performance expected from the planet’s most powerful solar boat,” he added.

The first solar-powered world tour kicked off on 27 September, 2010 and is expected to be back in Monaco in May 2012.

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