World’s Top Couch Potatoes Revealed

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Medical Research, has in the past, given us a lot of  information on  maintaining an active lifestyle , a healthy diet and its benefits. But apparently this seem to have not done enough in terms of  spreading awareness, as demographic trends show a dangerous shift towards a sedentary lifestyle and related  lifestyle diseases as a consequence of that . Researchers are now of the opinion , that the public needs  to be warned about the dangers of inactivity rather than just informed about the benefits of being active.

The Lancet, an online medical journal website in its latest report has revealed that a third of adults are not doing enough physical activity.

Physical Inactivity in Adults
Physical Inactivity in Adults. Image Credit: The Lance via Economist


Researchers & Medical Experts concur that  the problem at hand  is now so bad [thanks to technological revolution &  ease of convenience] that it should be treated as a pandemic public health concern. Inactive lifestyle leads to threatening  diseases such as heart disease, diabetes , breast and colon cancer.

The study led by Pedro Hallal of the Federal University of Pelotas, by far  has the most comprehensive  portrait  of the world’s most sloth bound couch potatoes.

According to  The Lancet, physical activity is defined as 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week, or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three days a week, or some combination of the two.

Some of the major highlights of the report:

– The report was based on health surveys for 122 countries in which 89% of the world’s population resides.

– Malta tops the chart, with 72% of adults getting too little exercise followed by Swaziland and Saudi Arabia at 69%.

– Bangladesh, by contrast,has  just 5% of adults as inactive.

– Contrary to common perception, 6 in 10 ten Americans are sufficiently active.

– Women tend to get less exercise compared to men (34% are inactive Vs 28% of men) in most countries.

Symptoms that you are a Couch Potato:

1. You hate the idea of outdoor activity. Gyms & Sports freak you out.Why bother when you can watch both on TV?

2. Your life’s all about TV & Computers in a cyclic perpetuating order.

3. You are not in control as far as binge eating or High calorie intake are  concerned.

4. Nobody else around you are active outdoors,so you don’t do it either.

5. You  are just  not motivated by exercises, you’d rather read a book,write,watch TV or be on social network,after a hard day’s work, instead of sweating it out.

6. You just can’t find the time.

7. You are in denial about your weight issues, and always procrastinate to do something about it.

8. You are obsessed with your perfect spot on the couch and make sure that its reserved for you at all times.

9. You make sure that all your  ammunition: the 10 remotes, food supplies, pillows,cushions,blankets are available 24/7 at the spot!

10. You tend to preempt distractions: Pull all  phones off the hook, cell on silent mode,and unplug the calling bell.

The above symptoms are generic, with slight variations depending on geography/gender. The most shocking finding   about the study is  that  insufficient activity has about the same effect on life expectancy as smoking. So, if you  comply to all  the above specifications for the sloth criteria, maybe  it is high time that you hit the outdoors and start living!

So, do your exercise regularly? Let us know in the comments !

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