‘World’s wellness Mecca’—Kairali is true to the tag

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Indulge in the out-of-the-world oil massages this monsoon season

Kerala has many hues and the monsoon season brings with it an enormousness of indulgence. I am not saying this only to adorn my sentences.

If you don’t trust me, but if you still love rains, you should plan a trip to Kerala and fall in love with yourself and the existence of mankind and its discoveries.

Photo Courtesy: Kairali Ayurvedic Resort

One such discovery I made is a gem of a place and here I would ask you to not trust me merely, but experience the indulgence and get pampered. Tucked in the hinterlands of Kerala is Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad. The netizen’s Bible, Google, pointed out that National Geographic Traveler has rated it as one of the top 50 wellness Meccas in the world.

Having visited Kerala multiple times before, I knew it would be lush green, soul quenching coconut water, amazing hospitality and heart-warming smiles.

But then came a statement from one of the organisers, “ah, so you don’t know what you are getting into, we love that.”

Image Credits: Lavanya
Image Credits: Lavanya

So says everyone, I thought! After all it was a spa holiday, so I decided to discount some of their attitude. Who wants to complain?

A day before the travel while I was packing my holiday clothes and some nice footwear, I get an itinerary with some dos and don’ts that acted as a spoiler. I was asked to get just sports shoes. And, pack light with some comfortable pajamas so that I could ‘enjoy the most’.

I woke up to a jolt as a coconut fell right in front of my cab which was on my way from the Coimbatore airport to Palakkad. It was about noon and very warm even with the AC on. At times it is okay to go by what the experts say, comfortable clothing would have been much better!

But as we entered the Village, it was atleast five degrees cooler. They attributed it to the lush green 55 acres of land, 45 acres of which are devoted to growing organic food for its kitchens. As I entered the place, life seemed to be on the first gear. No one was in a hurry.

At the reception, I discovered that since it is not merely a village but a Healing Village, people generally came looking for treatments to specific health issues. So, most of those booking a stay at Kairali came for atleast two weeks or more to be able to derive benefits from the holistically designed packages. There are Ayurvedic doctors who help you understand your body and without instilling a fear of the unknown in your mind, help you get rid of the unwanted diseases and toxins.


Ayurveda, they say is a preventive lifestyle as against a medical science.

Within five minutes of being at the Village, I met this German couple who were happy to have reduced weight in the first three days of their stay. Well, they might have been given non-appetizing food, I thought. I had to eat my own thoughts from the very first meal. Non greasy, healthy and yet delicious.


I did pay a visit to the swimming pool, the library and the gym but none of them excited me as much as my “hut” amidst almond and jackfruit trees. And of course, the blissful oil massages that make your body feel very light. You can also take part in the yoga sessions early morning apart from relaxing mediation classes every evening.

You might want to check this video out to understand what kind of massages are we talking about.  Women should ask for the beauty or the queen’s package atleast once for that ultimate glow from within!

In case you would want to know what other guests think about the Ayurvedic Healing Village, here you go.

We did have a lot of fun there and interacted with the in house Ayurvedic doctors as well as the ones who run the show. Stay tuned for more on that.

Also, look forward to our next article on “Ayurveda says diabetes can be cured”.

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