Yahoo launches new Axis ‘search browser’

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yahoo search browser
Homepage of Yahoo! Axis browser. Photo -

Yahoo has also joined the browser wars by launching its Axis search browser which is designed to enhance search capabilities with utmost consideration for the rapidly expanding mobile web.

According to the company, Axis is a one stop app which is currently available for Apple mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. It is also available for desktops as add-on browsers like Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

“The company set out to completely re-think and re-design how users search and browse the web,” Ethan Batraski, Yahoo’ special project director, wrote on the company’s blog.

Company’s research has resulted into Axis, a visual rich tool that aims to combine searching and browsing into one experience. For mobile users, this app offers a query that returns thumbnails images of actual webpages instead of a list of links. Axis is optimised for both desktop and mobile use.

The browser comes with certain features including the pull-down feature that lets users flip back and forth between a web page and their search results. In addition to that, it has also got search bookmarking and integration with Pinterest.

Users can also integrate Axis on different devices, as well as save personal homepage and searches on phone, tablet and desktop. Its desktop version appears as small search box on the bottom left corner of the browser window, which would allow the users to keep whichever browser they like to have.

The new Yahoo! browser is gaining traction in the mobile browsers market and has manage to secure its position among other top search engine browsers. Presently, Google has control of about 64% in the search engine market, whereas Yahoo has around 16%. Microsoft’s Bing covers around 14% of total market.

Yahoo is receiving a good response from different social media networks. Many are impressed with its mobile and tablet usage.

“Yahoo Axis Shines on iPad, an Afterthought on Desktop,” CNET editor Rafe Needlemann said. He also tweeted, “Here comes Yahoo’s own web browser, Axis. Surprising factoid: It’s good.”

“Good Lord, I Might Now Want to Use Yahoo Search Again—Product Dudes Talk About New Axis Browser,” All Things D co-executive editor Kara Swisher links her article by tweeting.

Though there has been positive word coming out from tech editors and gurus, but consumers are unhappy with the browser as they are unable to download the web browser plug-in and tweeting.

“Yahoo included their cert private key inside the Axis Chrome extension,” Nik Cubrilovic, entrepreneur and hacker, warned.

E.B.Boyd of Fast Company wrote: “The three leaders in this space have each realized that the conventional paradigms for search, architected over a decade ago when bandwidth was low, few people used the Web for more than research, and almost all computing was done at desktops, no longer work in an age of mobile apps, multiple devices, big data, and ever greater expectation on the part of the consumer that working online is about getting things done, not just perusing documents.”

Google, last week unveiled its new feature called “Knowledge Graph” which would provide immediate answer by highlighting information from database which is the house of 500 million entries which users usually request for.


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