YouGov and McGill Consulting Group Launch the GCC Business Confidence Index

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Press Release

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 27, 2012: YouGov and McGill Consulting Group leading service providers in research and strategy consulting are launching the Business Confidence Index (BCI), a new syndicated quarterly report on the business environment in the GCC.

This tool has been developed to support policymakers and decision-makers making insightful decisions based on highly relevant and detailed information. The report uses a forward-looking approach to help executives anticipate future trends, challenges and opportunities. The BCI gives insight into:

  • Sources of revenue for growth
  • Drivers for new investment opportunities
  • Emerging and present competitive pressures
  • Access to financial resources
  • Impact of cost structures on competitiveness
  • Geopolitical and regulatory implications

“Our clients invest a lot of time in trying to understand what’s next and what does it mean? In pursing such insights, we recognised the need for a powerful tool to help provide foresight into agenda shaping issues and game changing shifts,” Nader Sabry, Managing Director of McGill Consulting Group, said. Decision-makers are confined to operational data that only gives them insight into what is happening between their four walls. Beyond this, information is limited and having the tools to link operational and macro-strategic issues become even more challenging. Moreover, timing, accuracy and anticipation are key to growth enhancing performance and results.

The research methodology uses the capabilities of YouGov’s online panel to reach over 2000 high profiled businessmen through out the GCC.” Sundip Chahal, CEO of YouGov, said. The BCI captures the opinions, performance results and intentions of over 2000 C-level executives, business owners and decision-makers across a variety of industries in the GCC on a quarterly basis. The tool tracks shifting optimism across various parameters providing tangible intelligence on future economic and business conditions.

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