Youth Driving Future of Mobile Communication

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Youth Driving Future of Mobile Communications around the World

Ooredoo Chairman Leads Youth Delegation from around the world to Attend Global Youth Summit: BYND 2015 in Costa Rica

Ooredoo and a delegation of young people from the MENA region and Southeast Asia will attend the Global Youth Summit: BYND 2015 in Costa Rica from 9-11 September, 2013.

A founding partner of the Global Youth Summit, Ooredoo is bringing its experience of empowering young people and supporting youth employment to the Summit. Led by the Chairman, H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani, Ooredoo will bring a young delegation from across its global footprint to represent the achievements and aspirations of the next generation at the international event.

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H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani, Chairman, Ooredoo

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani, Chairman, Ooredoo, said: “Ooredoo is a founding partner of the Global Youth Summit, because we believe that supporting the needs and aspirations of the next generation is an essential duty for communications companies. The ideas and recommendations of the event will make a major contribution to human growth and development in the coming years. ”

The Youth Delegation includes young developers, innovators and engineers, as well as aspiring leaders from a diverse range of communities. It also includes people who have made an impact on their community and who have ideas about how to change their world for the better using ICTs.
In total, the delegation gathers 27 inspirational young people from Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Indonesia, Algeria, Tunisia as well as Yemen and Palestine.

According to the ITU report, “Measuring the Information Society 2012”, mobile Broadband subscriptions have experienced average annual growth of 41 per cent since 2007, with the vast majority of new subscriptions coming from the developing world and from young people. With such dynamic growth, communication companies need to strive to ensure that everybody can enjoy the benefits of being connected.

Throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, Ooredoo has been a leader in mobile development in support of human growth, including in the fields of women empowerment education, healthcare and employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for young people.

One of the most prominent examples of Ooredoo empowering youth has been in Tunisia, which has a youth unemployment rate of 30 percent. In response, Tunisiana, part of Ooredoo, launched in April 2013 the “Najja7ni Employment’ mobile service in partnership with Silatech, a social initiative that works to expand employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people throughout the Arab world.

The first mobile service of its kind in the region, “Najja7ni Employment” provides career guidance, financial literacy, career search strategies, links to local training opportunities and tips on how to start a business. It uses an innovative and engaging method for customers to learn these topics, including quizzes, SMS alerts, coaching and psychometric tests, delivered via their mobile phone. The strong response – with more than 300,000 customers signing up for the service in the first month – is indicative of the urgent demand for mobile services in this area.

The International Telecommunications Union, an agency of the United Nations, will hold its Global Youth Summit from 9 -11 September under the theme of “BYND 2015,” serving as a platform for young people to be included in the 21st century’s most important decisions.

2015 will be a key turning point, as it is the deadline for member states of the United Nations to achieve their Millennium Development Goals. In the build up to 2015, global leaders will need to review their progress on the Millennium Development Goals, and devise new goals.

The Summit will be attended by 500 young delegates from around the world, along with a number of “summit elders”. Discussion of the event will develop into a global conversation via a vast social media network.

In a few weeks, Ooredoo will announce key findings from a major research project on how youth use technology across the Middle East and Asia, with a view to understanding the needs and aspirations of the next generation.

Ooredoo expects the key findings to influence both corporate and government policy decisions around the world, as they reach out to a growing tech-savvy youth population.

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