YouTube debuts MENA comedy bandwagon

Youtube Comedy Week Logo.
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Youtube Comedy Week Logo.
YouTube Comedy Week Logo

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? In fact, the easiest way these days to have a good laugh, is to scour YouTube. There, amazing humourists, some of them quite young, will have you grasping to retain your composure. It is one of the single most popular pastimes with millions of YouTubers uploading their ideas of humour, from slapstick to wry. The next generation NigahigaSmosh and Maximbady may ruling the humour roost.

A third of YouTube’s 100 channels are devoted to comedy, and for good reason, as the number of views for humour-related content is unimaginably large. YouTube’s Comedy Week (May 19 – 25, 2013) will showcase amazing talent from stand-up comedians to nouveau entrants. The popular website will feature 150 videos made for this event with episodes from popular internet series and famous comedians. This is your chance to celebrate humour and make your world a less serious place in which to live.

Youtube Comedy Week in MENA

Youtube has a very strong presence in the region and Comedy Week will help it to showcase the best humour with video premieres and creative collaborations from the region’s funniest ‘fun-sters’.

YouTube Comedy Week will bring together the biggest names in comedy in the region, in a collaboration with “Kharabeesh”, to create a one of a kind experience for comedy fans. The week-long event will showcase different channels and new comedy talents. This event will consist of dedicated programming that includes new episodes from popular YouTube stand up comedy channels, news parody channels, social/political satire channels, cartoon animation and more.

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“YouTube is the home of comedy for the next generation. If you like to laugh, come join us during Comedy Week as we celebrate the best of comedy with sketches, pranks, stand-up routines, parodies, and brings together the best comedians in the region in a way that truly reflects the unique sense of humor in the Arab region.” — YouTube’s Diana Baddar, Head of video partnerships in MENA

Comedy is big in the MENA region with nearly half of the top 10 channels belonging to the comedy category. Tune in at — — starting May 19th, to enjoy the week-long comedy lineup!

Participating Talents

  1. Al Tase3a illa rob3 (S7 Channel)
  2. Kharabeesh Cartoons
  3. N2O
  4. Black Mousiba
  5. Jeddah Comedy Club
  6. FemalesShow
  7. 2050 Series
  8. HawwaShow
  9. Stand Ub
  10. 7abtein
  11. 3asa Kheir
  12. iToonsi
  13. Yam3iris
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