Zynga’s latest strategy game will divide friends

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Zynga the largest online gaming empire and owner of game titles such as FarmVille and MafiaWars is set to launch its latest title tomorrow.

Farmville is a game that is quite popular in the Dubai and Mafia Wars has help 2 international Meetup session to date. Mafia Wars alone has over 14 million fans on facebook and a daily traffic of over 5 million daily players.

Tomorrow, Zynga is going global with the launch of their first combat-based strategy game called Empires and allies.Inspired by FarmVille and CityVille, this game “goes beyond the tilling of farms and construction of cities to the building of a war machine”, according to Mike Snider of USA Today

A city building simulation game, Empires and Allies goes a step further by using combat sequences that are very much similar to the hasbro game Risk. According to Zynga Chief game designer this game will actually be available in 12 languages and it is the result of fan request.

Currently the game is showing a? “under construction” message in 12 different languages, until it goes online tomorrow Gulf time.

Zynga mission to connect the world through gaming and its games tend to be very addictive as they encourage continuous interaction with facebook friends. Empires and Allies will be Zynga’s eleventh title.

Spolier Alert – the game will begin following a devastating assault on a peaceful tropical island, in the wake of destruction, said game?s executive producer Amer Ajami in an interview with G4TV. The objective of the game is to rebuild your country and fight off enemies which would be controlled by your facebook friends. So now would be a good time to clear differences amongst your friends.

Ajami reveals the name of a character named Raven who controls the army ‘Evil Dark Alliance’. The sole objective in three simple words is to build, arm and protect your country. Given this is Zynga’s first combat game designed due to popular demand. It might surprise many analysts with usage numbers.



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